Below is a list of video on DVD available
from the San Bernardino Historical Society

The San Bernardino Historical & Pioneer Society is located at the southwest corner of 8th and D street.  It is the only Victorian style house on that corner.  The Christian Harris Meeting Hall is located on the grounds of the Society and this is where all the meetings are held and video'd every first Thursday of the month, at 7 PM.  Meetins are open and free to the public.

DATE                                                        SPEAKER                                                                                                           SUBJECT

11/02/2006                                           EARL STATLER                    "WHAT LIFE WAS LIKE 50 YEARS AGO IN SAN BERNARDINO"
12/07/2006                                          AMY RODRIQUEZ               "HISTORY OF HARRIS' DEPARTMENT STORE
01/04/2007                                          MAYOR PAT MORRIS         THE MAYOR DISCUSSES THE FUTURE OF SAN BERNARDINO
02/01/2007                                          JACK BROWN                       JACK SPEAKS OF HIS ASSOCIATION WITH STATER BROTHERS AND THE NEW DISTRIBUTION CENTER
03/01/2007                                          NEAL BAKER                         THE FOUNDER OF BAKER'S TALKS ABOUT HOW HE STARTED HIS DRIVE THRU FAST FOOD BUSINESS
04/04/2007                                          TOM ATCHLEY                      TOM IS THE FEATURED SPEAKER
05/03/2007                                         JOHN ROBINSON                JOHN IS THE FEATURED SPEAKER
06/07/2007                                          RABBI COHN                        THE RABBI IS THE FEATURED SPEAKER
08/02/2007                                          RICHARD HANKS                HISTORY OF THE LOCAL INDIAN PEOPLE
09/08/2007                                          JOHN HOCKADAY              "INDIAN TRAILS THAT BECAME HIGHWAYS"
10/04/2007                                         HERBERT FISHER                 DR FISHER IS THE FEATURED SPEAKER ON LOCAL TEACHING CAREERS
11/02/2007                                         SCOTT BAKER                    THE RESTORATION OF STEAM ENGINE 3751
12/03/2007                                          WILLARD MONNINGER    WILLARD TALKS ABOUT THE LOCAL BANKING INDUSTRY
02/08/2007                                         CLARE DAY                              LOCAL ARCHITECTURE OF SAN BERNARDINO
03/06/2008                                         GARY LEDOUX                       "THE LIFE OF JOHN P. CLUM, FOUNDER AND FIRST EDITOR OF THE TOMBSTONE EP
04/03/2008                                         DAVE DESOUSEY                 "THE SOUTHWESTERN LAWMEN AND THE ARIZONA RANGERS"
04/12/2008                                         VARIOUS SPEAKERS          A WALK THRU TOUR OF PIONEER CEMETARY
05/02/2008                                         VARIOUS MUSICIANS         A DEMONSTRATION OF LOCAL INDIAN MUSIC
05/04/2008                                          VARIOUS GUIDES               THE KIT LOOP RAILROAD IS DISCUSSED
06/08/2008                                         DR JAMES SANTOS            THE NATIVE AMERICAN IN CALIFORNIA
07/03/2008                                         CHRISTINA PERRIS             CHRISTINA TALKS ABOUT HER GREAT GTREAT GRANDFATHER, FRED T. PERRIS
09/04/2008                                         JIM SMITH                                JIM TALKS ABOUT THE NATIVE SONES OF THE GOLDEN WEST
10/02/2008                                          RICHARD THOMPSON     "ELI SMITH, SHERIFF OF SAN BERNARDINO COUNTY FROM 1861 TO 1862"
11/06/2008                                         JOHN WEEKS                        JOHN TALKS ABOUT HIS POSTCARD COLLECTION OF THE INLAND EMPIRE
02/05/2009                                          PAULINE MURRILLO          THE TRIBAL ELDER OF THE SAN MANUEL TRIBE TALKS ABOUT HER PEOPLE
03/05/2009                                          PHIL KASSEL                         "ALL THE GOOD EATERIES OF THE 30'S AND 40'S IN DOWNTOWN SAN BRNARDINO"
04/02/2009                                          ALBERT OKURA                   ALBERT TALKS ABOUT HOW HE STARTED JUAN POLLO
05/07/2009                                          TWO SPEAKERS                 STEVE SHAW AND RABBI COHN TALK ABOUT THE UPCOMING BI-CENTENNIAL OF SAN BERNARDINO
06/04/2009                                          GARY LEDOUX                    GARY TALKS ABOUT HIS BOOK "NANTAN, VOL 2"
07/02/2009                                          CLIFFORD WALKER          INDIAN SLAVE TRADE IN THE SOUTHWEST 
08/06/2009                                          DARREN MEANS                 FUTURE OF THE PIONEER MEMORIAL CEMETERY
12/03/2009                                          LEO LYMAN                            EARLY MORMON PIONEERS WHO SETTLED SAN BERNARDINO
01/07/2010                                         .KOMIKO FORD                     PAST, PRESENT AND FUTURE OF COMMUNITY HOSPITAL OF SAN BERNARDINO
02/04/2010                                          TOM ATCHLEY                      TOM TALKS ABOUT THE "SANKEY" OF REDLANDS
03/04/2010                                          ALICE HALL                           "DEVORE; THEN AND NOW"
04/01/2010                                          RUSS KELLER                      RUSS TALKS ABOUT THE HISTORY OF LAKE ARROWHEAD
05/10/2010                                          NICK CATALDO                    NICK TAKES US ON A JOURNEY THRU THE CAJON PASS - AN ON-SITE HISTORY LESSON
05/??/2010                                           STEVE SHAW                       99 YEARS OF NATIONAL ORANGE SHOWS
05/08/2010                                          RAILROAD DAYS AT THE DEPOT - STEAM ENGINE 3751 ARRIVES IN SAN BERNARDINO
06/01/2010                                          SUZI EARP                              SUZI TALKS ABOUT WATER AND HOW IMPORTANT IT IS IN THE SAN BERNARDINO VALLEY
07/??/2010                                          ROGER HATHAWAY           ROGER BRINGS HISTORICAL MAPS OF THE AREA TO DISCUSS
08/??/2010                                          JOHN WEEKS                       JOHN TALKS ABOUT THE SUN NEWSPAPER FROM THE BEGINNING
                                                                                                                       MOVEMENT AND HOW IT GOT STARTED IN THE DEL ROSA AREA
10/07/2010                                          STEVE LECH                          "THE MISSION INN - WHY?"
11/04/2010                                          JOHN ANICIC                        THE HISTORY OF KAISER STEEL
12/02/2010                                          CURTIS ALLEN                     "WHAT SAN BERNARDINO LOOKED LIKE DOWNTOWN DURING CHRISTMS IN THE 1940'S
01/06/2011                                          TONY TREZERO                   TONY TALKS ABOUT THE MUG RESTAURANT
02/03/2011                                          BILL CAREY                            BILL TALKS ABOUT THE FAMILY USED CAR BUSINESS = "CAREY'S FINE AUTOS"
03/03/2011                                          GRAZIANO GOMEZ            GRAZIANO IS THE FEATURED SPEAKER 
05/05/2011                                          VARIOUS MUSICIANS       LOCAL NATIVE AMERICAN MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS ARE FEATURED
06/02/2011                                          TERRY GRAHAM                 "LIVING IN THE PINES" - THE STORY OF HOW WRIGHTWOOD GOT STARTED
07/07/2011                                          VARIOUS SPEAKERS         "PRESERVING SAN BERNARDINO"
08/04/2011                                          JOHN HOCKADAY               "THE OLD SPANISH TRAIL FROM THE CAJON PASS TO THE SAN GABRIEL MISSION"
09/01/2011                                          MICHAEL BURGESS            MICHAEL TALKS ABOUT HIS 40 YEARS IN THE CAL STATE UNIVERSITY LIBRARY
10/06/2011                                          ERNIE GARCIA                      "MEXICAN IMMIGRATION IN THE 30'S, 40'S, AND 50'S"
11/03/2011                                          JIM VALDEZ, USN, RET.     JIM TALKS ABOUT RECOGNIZING LOCAL VETERANS
11/12/2011                                          PHILIP NATHANSON          "EARLY PHOTOGRAPHERS OF SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA"
12/01/2011                                          EMIL MARZULLO                  "WHERE THE PAST MEETS THE FUTURE"
01/05/2012                                          MARK LANDIS                       ARROWHEAD SPRINGS HOTEL IS DISCUSSED
01/14/2012                                          RICHARD THOMPSON       RICHARD AND ROGER HATHAWAY TALK ABOUT FRED PERRIS' SURVEY MAPS
02/02/2012                                          DON BEARD                            VICTORIAN HOUSES AND THE SUBTLE DIFFERENCES IN STYLES
02/11/2012                                          MARK LANDIS                       TALKS ABOUT THE KIT SHAPED TRACK
03/02/2012                                          PHIL KASSEL                          THE NOTORIUS RED LIGHT DISTRICT OF "D" STREET IS DISCUSSED
03/10/2012                                          JOHN MARNELL                  THE RAILROAD SURVEY OF SAN BERNARDINO COUNTY DURING 1867-1868
04/05/2012                                          JOHN WEEKS                       JOHN TALKS ABOUT HIS PICTURE POSTCARD COLLECTION OF THE MOJAVE DESERT
04/12/2012                                          PAIGE PAYTON                     PAST, PRESENT AND FUTURE OF CALICO GHOST TOWN
05/03/2012                                          RICHARD MCINNES           "HOW RIALTO GOT STARTED"
05/12/2012                                          STEWART FORSYTH          "THE BOMB PLANT OF SAN BERNARDINO DURING WWII"
06/07/2012                                          AL WARD                                 AL TELLS OF HIS MANY YEARS ON THE POLICE FORCE AND HIS ASSOCIATION WITH USING HYPNOSIS
07/05/2012                                          JIM SMITH                               "NATIVE SONS OF THE GOLDEN WEST - PART 2"
08/02/2012                                          ALBERT OKURA                   ALBERT IS THE FEATURED SPEAKER
09/06/2012                                          MARK OCEGUEDA              MEXICAN-AMERICAN BASEBALL IN THE INLAND EMPIRE
10/04/2012                                          TO ATCHLEY                          TOM TALKS ABOUT THE MISSION SCHOOL
11/01/2012                                          DON HARKEY                        DON TALKS ABOUT THE LOCAL RACING SCENE (INCLUDES THE ORANGE SHOW SPEEDWAY)
12/??/2012                                          FIVE   SPEAKERS                  THE 125TH ANNIVERSERY OF THE RAILROAD COMING TO SAN BERNARDINO.....THIS INCLUDES TALKS ABOUT
                                                                                                                       "THE BEGINNING", "LITERATURE OF THE EARLY PIONEERS", "THE EARP CLAN IN SAN BERNARDINO" (INCLUDES
                                                                                                                         EARP CLAN LOOK ALIKES), "THE FIRST RAILROAD INTO SAN BERNARDINO", "THE ARROWHEAD HOTEL AND
                                                                                                                         ITS' MANY CONCEPTIONS"
01/03/2013                                          REA-FRANCIS TETLY         "CRESTLINE CHRONICLES"
02/07/2013                                          TERRY DALY                          "NINETEENTH-CENTURY FIREARMS"
03/07/2013                                          BOB SMITH                             "REDEFINING THE SAN BERNARDINO VALLEY"
04/04/2013                                          JEFF STAGGS                        JEFF TALKS ABOUT KAISER STEEL
05/02/2013                                          STEVE LECH                          "THE PINE-TO-PALMS HIGHWAY"
06/06/2013                                          BOB EDWARDS                    BOB TALKS ABOUT THE CREATION OF THE NORTON AFB MUSEUM AFTER DECOMMISHIONING OF NORTON
08/01/2013                                          SLIM CALLAGHAN               SLIM TALKS ABOUT HIS COLLECTION OF HOLLYWOOD COWBOY HATS AND HOW THEY ARE MADE
09/05/2013                                          GARY BANCROFT               "E. CLAMPUS VITUS" IS DISCUSSED
10/03/2013                                          TOM BASCOM &                    THE ASISTENCIA OF REDLANDS
                                                                  MARILYN MILLS
11/07/2013                                          UNNAMED SPEAKER         MOURNING JEWELRY OF THE 19TH CENTURY
12/05/2013                                          JOAN MCCALL                      "REDLANDS REMEMBERED"
01/19/2014                                          PIONEER DAYS                      MANY SCENES FROM PIONEER DAYS INCLUDE STEVE SHAW, WHO DISCUSSES HOW THE PIONEER SCIETY
                                                                                                                         AND THE HISTORICAL SOCIETY MERGED, MARK LANDIS TALKING ON THE ARROWHEAD HOTEL AND THE
                                                                                                                        LANDMARK THAT THE HOTEL WAS NAMED AFTER, SLIM CALLAHAN AND HIS COLLECTION OF COWBOY HATS,
                                                                                                                         NICK CATALDO AND THE EARP CLAN LOOK ALIKES TALKING ABOUT THE OK CORRAL SHOOTOUT AT
                                                                                                                         TOMBSTONE, PLUS MANY SHOOTOUT SCENES, STREET SCENES AND A STAGE ROBBERY
02/07/2014                                          REA-FRANCIS TETLY          "LAKE ARROWHEAD, CALIFORNIA'S FINEST PLAYGROUND"
03/07/2014                                          PAT MACHA                             "HISTORIC PLANE WRECKS"
04/03/2014                                          RICHARD HANKS                  "THE FIGHT FOR INDIAN SOVEREIGNTY"
05/01/2014                                          MARK LANDIS                         MARK TALKS ABOUT THE WATER TRAIN
06/05/2014                                          ERNIE GARCIA                        ERNIE TALKS ABOUT THE 196TH CALIFORNIA AIR NATIONAL GUARD (CANG) AT NORTON AFB
07/03/2014                                          NICK CATALDO                       ROUTE 66 IN SAN BERNARDINO COUNTY
08/07/2014                                          STEVE SHAW                           "THE MERGENCE OF THE PIONEER SOCIETY AND THE HISTORICAL SOCIETY"
09/04/2014                                          BOB WILLS                                BOB TALKS ABOUT FIREFIGHTER AIRPLANES
10/02/2014                                          ALAN GOULD                          "NEWBERRY CAVE"
11/06/2014                                          TODD JENKINS                       "THE PROFESSIONAL ICE HOCKEY TEAM THAT ONCE GRACED SAN BERNARDINO"
12/04/2014                                          CHRISTINA PERRIS               TALKS ABOUT HER GREAT-GREAT-GREAT GRANDFATHER, FRED T. PERRIS
02/05/2015                                          RICHARD MCINNES              "HOW CALIFORNIA GOT IT'S SHAPE"
03/05/2015                                          DENNIS RILEY                          DENNIS TALKS ABOUT THE RILEY LOG CABIN FARM AND ITS EVERYDAY USE OF ANTIQUES
04/02/2015                                          ANTHONY ORTEGA               "THE STORY OF PATTON STATE HOSPITAL"
05/07/2015                                          UNKNOWN SPKR                    "CHINESE IMMIGRATION IN THE INLAND EMPIRE"
06/04/2015                                          EMMET HARDER                      "THE BALLARAT BANDIT"
07'02/2015                                           LOUIE FUERTE                          LOUIE TALKS OF HIS ASSOCIATION WITH HUELL HOWSER
08/06/2015                                          MANY SPEAKERS                     MUSIC BY THE NATIVE AMERICAN GROUP "IMISA"
09/03/2015                                          KMEN DJ'S                                  MUSIC HISTORY OF KMEN AND KFXM BY MANY DJ'S OF THE ERA
11/05/2015                                          RON YOUNG                              RON TALKS ABOUT HIS LIFE AS A MUSIC DJ
12/03/2015                                          JOHN HINKLEMAN                 TEACHER AT SBHS TALKS ABOUT FORMER GRADUATES FROM SSBHS WHO BECAME FAMOUS
01/07/2016                                          BEN STACKS                              FORMER EMPLOYEE OF THE ORIGINAL MCDONALD BROTHERS TELLS ALL!
02/04/2016                                          JIM WOOD                                  JIM TALKS ABOUT HOW SPANISH EXPLORERS CAME TO MEXICO AND S/W CA, AZ, AND NM
03/03/2016                                          BOB FRALEY                             FOLK MUSIC ICON OF SAN BERNARDINO, THE PENNY UNIVERSITY IS DISCUSSED.
04/07/2016                                          MARGARET HILL                     "LOOKING BACK, LOOKING FORWARD - MY SUCCESS IN SAN BERNARDINO
06/02/2016                                          ED PEARSON                            HISTORY OF PEARSON PHARMACY
09/01/2016                                          JIM WOOD                                  EARLY RAILROAD LINES IN SAN BERNARDINO, PLUS RESTORATION OF 3751
10/??/2016                                          ERNIA GARCIA                         DR ERNIE TALKS ABOUT LIVING IN COLTON IN THE BARRIO - "ALLELIUIA!"
11/03/2016                                          RUSS KELLER                           CRESTLINE - "THE SWINGINGEST TOWN IN AMERICA!"
01/05/2017                                          STEVEN & MEGAN                  "FINDING YOURSELF IN THE GROVES"
02/02/2017                                          BARNEY "SCOUT" MANN   THE PACIFIC CREST TRAIL
03/02/2017                                          TWO UNKNOWN SPEAKERS TELL US HOW TO PAN FOR GOLD USING VARIOUS METHODS
04/06/2017                                          PHIL YEH                                      PHIL TALKS ABOUT PAINTING THE MURAL ON THE MCDONALD'S MUSEUM
05/04/2017                                          MARILYN MILLS                        SAN BERNARDINO IN THE 1850'S AND A REENACTMENT OF THE MORMON PIONEERS TREK
06/01/2017                                          LOUIE FUERTE                          LOUIE TALKS ABOUT HIS BOOK ABOUT HUELL HOWSER CALLED, "HEY LOUIE, TAKE A LOOK AT THIS!"
07/06/2017                                          RON MARTIN                            BLOOMINGTON - THEN AND NOW - FROM 1890 TO 1970
​09/17/2017                                          KEVIN BASH                              KEVIN DISCUSSES THE NORCONIAN
10/05/2017                                          MARILYN CRAM DONOHUE TALKS ABOUT THE CRAM AND CARTER FAMILIES
10/15/2017                                          MANY SPEAKERS                   A TOUR OF THE MT VIEW CEMETERY AND THE MANY PIONEERS WHO ARE BURIED THERE
11/02/2017                                          ROBERT PORTER                    THE LEGENDS OF THE ARROWHEAD
12/07/2017                                          STEVE CHAPMAN                   A HISTORY OF THE SWING AUDITORIUM AND WHO PERFORMED THERE
01/04/2018                                          BOB FRALEY                             FOLKSINGER BOB FRALEY PLAY AN ECLECTIC COLLECTION OF STRINGED INSTRUMENTS
02/01/2018                                          MARK GIBBS                             "PAST PRESENT AND FUTURE OF SAN BERNARDINO INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT
03/01/2018                                                                                                  "DIVING INTO THE POOLE FAMILY"
04/05/2018                                          GREGORY HINTON                GREG TELLS US ALL ABOUT BUFFALO BILL
05/03/2018                                          DAVID RIOS                               DAVID TELLS US ALL ABOUT AGUA MANSA CEMETERY
06/07/2018                                          MARK LANDIS                          CAMP CAJON IS DISCUSSED BY MARK
07/05/2018                                          JUDITH VALLE                         THE FORMER MAYOR IS THE FEATURED SPEAKER AND DISCUSSES MANY THINGS
10/04/2018                                          SHARON FOSTER, ET AL    ROUTE 66 WITHIN CALIFORNIA
10/06/2018                                          MANY SPEAKERS                  THE 2018 MT VIEW CEMETERY TOUR AND VIEWS OF MANY PIONEERS BURIED THERE
11/01/2018                                         JOEL HAYWOOD                     JOEL TALKS ABOUT THE HISTORY OF HAYWOOD AND HOW IT ALL STARTED
12/06/2018                                          RICHARD SCHAEFER           "LEGACY OF LOMA LINDA"
01/03/2019                                          BOB SMITH                                THE SEVEN LOST RANCHOS OF THE INLAND VALLEY IS EXPLAINED
02/07/2019                                          JIM VALDEZ, JR                       JIM TALKS ABOUT THE WWI HOMECOMING
03/07/2019                                          JOHN ADAMS                          JOHN TALKS ABOUT THE CLIMATE CHANGE AND HOW IT AFFECTS CITRUS CROPS