What Blue Eagle Video is all About....

We are Gerry & Linda Brassfield.  In 2000 we took a serious hobby of taking video and went to the next level.  We became the videographers for the Orange Show Speedway stock car races in San Bernardino, CA.  We developed business cards and banners to let people know who we were, We sponsored 1 car per division. After 8 years, when a new promotor took over, our FREE services were no longer needed.  We went on to Rialto Speedway Go Karts and did that for awhile.  We went on to other tracks and spread our services to include still photos that Linda developed a passion for, and continued to do motorcycle and more go karts and even quarter midgets.  After some near accidents with Linda and quarter midgets nearly colliding, we decided to get out of the racing scene, entirely, in 2011.  

In 2006, we decided to expand our activities into other fields.  We became the videographers for the San Bernardino Historical & Pioneer Society for the presentations they have about the history of San Bernardino.  WE continue to do that currently and even have become board members.  We have DVDs available from when we started.

In 2007 we started providing video on a DVD for the Redlands Historical Society of their presentations of the history of the area, and continue to do that currently. We have DVD available from when we started.

In 2015 We provided video on DVD for the Highland Historical Society, and continue to make DVD for those wanting a copy.

In 2014 we provided video for the Perris Hill Market Night Entertainment of bands and singers for those that wanted a DVD of who were playing. 

Also in 2014 we started providing video on DVD of the newly opened Norton Air Force Base Museum's "Evening at the Museum" events with special speakers who were formerly in command of certain operations within the now decommishioned Norton Air Force Base, and yearly anniversary events outside which brought in car shows, military vehicles and musical entertainers.

For a short while we provided video on DVD for the San Bernardino Valley Concert Association Musical events held at the restored Sturges Theater of Fine Arts. 

From 2011 to 2016 we considered ourselves very lucky to provide video and still photos of Colton High School Girls Varsity Soccer games, both at home and away games as well.  We became very close to these fine young ladies starting out in life and wish them the best in their future endeavors after high school.  We hope to start another relationship with doing video on DVD for them soon.

We are currently (as of 2018) hoping to provide video for local bands in the San Bernardino and Riverside area, and if you would like video of your band rehearsing or playing live, we can go there and do that and perhaps provide still photos of that event at the end of the video that we will put on a DVD.  If you prefer the photos on a 8 X 10 photo paper, we can arrange that.  Call us or email us for your needs and we can talk about it. 

If you see us, wave and say "HI!".  Stop us if you want video of something!  We can provide vhs conversion to dvd in most cases.  We can provide photos if that is what you would like.  I may look grumpy, but I do not bite!